Refund, Resend and Returns Policy


Please review the following policies carefully.

SRIBIL.COM offers a quicker dispute solution and will appreciate it a lot if you provide:

    Photos or videos of the damaged item to prove damage. If the photo cannot prove the products are damaged, please upload the video.
    Screenshot of the e-mail or dispute received including name, date and content. In other words, a customer has sent the complaint
    The products need to be returned to SRIBIL.COM if our Dispute Team asks for a return in Disputes.

Except for the important interpretation, SRIBIL.COM will make a refund, resend, or accept the return for any of the following cases:

1. Orders Delayed.

Sometimes, the order had arrived at the nearest post office to the buyer and make it pending because of insufficient address, package unclaimed, no such number, etc. It will be much more convenient for clients to contact local post office or go to the post office for delivery.

2. Orders not Received.

SRIBIL.COM will not deal with the refund or resend if the tracking information shows the order is delivered.

A non-delivery certification issued by the local post office with an official seal is necessary.

Tracking information alert. The tracking information shows Alert, the reasons are listed as below:

  •     Incorrect/insufficient address.
  •     No such number.
  •     Unknown recipient.
  •     Refused.
  •     Do not pick up in time.
  •     No safe delivery location.
  •     Uncleared customs.
  •     Others.

3. Products Damaged.

SRIBIL.COM offers a full refund or a replacement if packages arrived are badly damaged.

SRIBIL.COM offers a partial refund or a replacement if packages arrived partially damaged (except thread, slightly wrinkled, small scratches etc.).


  • For fragile products, a refund is highly recommended.
  • For damaged packing boxes, SRIBIL.COM cannot offer any refunds or other after-sale services due to the long-distant delivery.
  • For ordinary products, Your clients shall complain or open a dispute with SRIBIL.COM within 5 days after packages are delivered.
  • For electronic products, Your clients shall complain or open a dispute to SRIBIL.COM within 10 days after packages are delivered.

4. Incorrect or Missing Products.

SRIBIL.COM has a strict quality control process before products are dispatched. SRIBIL.COM will deal with incorrect or missing products as follows:

  • For incorrect products, SRIBIL.COM offers a full refund or replacement.
  • For products with wrong color, size which doesn't affect product function, etc., SRIBIL.COM offers a refund or resend.
  • For parts missing which doesn’t affect product function, SRIBIL.COM may refund partially or resend the missing part; for parts missing which affect product function, SRIBIL.COM will resend the product only.
  • For accessories, SRIBIL.COM will resend the accessories.