Sribil Store is an e-commerce website started in May 2022, operating in The United States of America. Incorporated under RAGOSB L.L.C, deals in a wide variety of products ranging from kitchen to home improvements, mobile accessories to fashion. It focuses on providing the customers with anything and everything one requires in their day-to-day lives, under one roof. Each and every item is hand picked with love and attention. We aim at 100% customer satisfaction.
We have fostered this company with utmost love and care from the very scratch. Our vision is to inculcate personal growth for everyone associated to us. We believe in creating strong relationships with all our customers as well as with each one included in our hierarchical chain. We aim at building trust and connection with people who visit our website at the very first interaction. This thought has motivated us to include a wide variety of products especially in our home improvement section. It includes variables in Kitchen, Garden and Bathroom sub-sections. We have our exclusive summer collection in fashion, biking, pets & kids section too. We look forward to keep adding happiness to our customers' day to day lives with our products.