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Pet Life ® 'Escapade' Outdoor Series 2-in-1 Convertible Dog Leash and Harness

Pet Life ® 'Escapade' Outdoor Series 2-in-1 Convertible Dog Leash and Harness

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Composed Nylon and Tetoron Polyester blended Materials that is Soft, Durable and Breathable for Top-Tier Performance

Features a Unique Sporty High-Grade Alloy Swivel Safety Lock Leash Attachment, Rings and Stainless Steel Buckles

Built-Tough and Designed to Perform with Dual-Reinforced Durable Webbed Stitching all around

Features an Up-close adjutable Pull Loop for Behavioral Correction and Control, and doubles as an optional standard leash

Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors


Brand:Pet Life


The Pet Life ® 'Escapade' Outdoor Series 2-in-1 Dog Leash and Harness is composed of Extremely Durable Nylon and Tetoron blended Fibers that is specially engineered for High-Tensile strength that repels sweat and is further breathable. This Unique Sporty Dog Leash features an adjustable secondary loop along the leash that gives the user the option for an up-close and personal training experience or a standard leash. Engineered and equipped with Metal Alloy engraved Quick-Connecting buckles and a unique and sporty swivel leash connector with a screw top mechanism that completely secures the leash and collar and provides a Multi-Directional pulling or tugging experience. Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors.

Sizing Guide (INCHES)

SMALL: LEASH LENGTH: 48" WIDTH: 0.59" CHEST GIRTH: 13.77" - 19.68"
MEDIUM: LEASH LENGTH: 48" WIDTH: 0.78" CHEST GIRTH: 19.68" - 27.55"
LARGE: LEASH LENGTH: 48" WIDTH: 0.98" CHEST GIRTH: 25.6" - 35.43"

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